Ciri od Kosticky, CZ


Siberian cat

color: black silver spotted with white (and with sunshine, so called bimetalic)

color genotype: AA BB CC DD Ii Ss

SIB ns(u) 09 24


Ciri was born in our cattery at the litter C. Our Flora is her mom. Her father is very nice and hendsome stud Benjamin Khaleesi Delia, CZ from White Witch cattery. Ciri has the same color as her father (including pretty similar distribution of white spots). She has beautiful green eyes.

Ciri was born as the second baby from the litter, but since the very first moments she was very curious and explorative. And she always tried to be the first one before her brother Cid. She was the first one to open her eyes, she was the first one on exploration travel from the baby box, she was the first one to taste the meat and she growled like a tiger during that moment. As babies and youngsters Ciri and her brother Cid were very much attached to each other and Ciri was the brave leader. They always wanted to travel together in the box. Ciri even tried to protect her brother at the first vet visit, which Cid did not enjoy much.

Ciri 6 weeks old
Ciri 2 months old

Ciri is a big trickster, she is very clever and she loves to play. She likes to steal things and consider them as the best trophy, even if it is just a pencil or a coaster. She was quite wild and crazy as youngster but now when she is close to her motherhood time, she settled a bit. She always wants to be in company either with other cats or with people, which she loves. She is very cuddly and affectionate. We have very nice evening habit, when she acompanies me while I go to bed. She likes to play „catch the mouse under the blanket“ game for a while and than she snuggles to my hip and guards me until I fall asleep.

Ciri lives with us. We visit some show time to time. She likes traveling and she behaves well at the shows. She has to two CAC certificates, we hope to get the third once the shows will be allowed again. She had her first litter of kittens in 2020, two very lovely boys.

Health tests:

Blood group – A/A (tested geneticaly at MyCatDNA)

FIV – tested with negative result (last test March 2021)

FeLV – tested with negative result (last test March 2021)

Chlamydia spp. – tested with negative result (last test April 2023), vaccinated

Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma – tested with negative result (last test April 2023)

Streptococcus – tested with negative result (last test April 2022)

FCoV – antibodies negative (last test January 2020), RT-PCR negative (last test April 2022)

Giardia – tested with negative result (last test September 2022)

PKD – sono clear (last in December 2020), she does not carry mutation PKD1 (MyCatDNA)

HCM – sono normal (last in January 2022), results available at pawpeds database

PKdef – she does not carry mutation PKdef (MyCatDNA)

High genetic diversity – 38,4% (MyCatDNA)