Litter D

We would like to introduce our kittens

Litter D



IC Fobos White Witch                                          Ciri od Kostičky

Colour of sire: blue silver spotted – as 24

Colour of dam: black silver spotted with white (and siberian wideband, so called bimetallic) – ns(u) 09 24


Very low complete inbreeding index COI = 0,324%

AVK (ancestor loss coefficient) in 5 generations = 100%

Both parents tested for infectious disease FIV and FeLV with negative results.

Both parents tested with sono for HCM and PKD with negative results.

Carry predisposition for sunshine and blue.


Name Sex Colour Status
Dwalin boy SIB n 09 23 – black mackerel with white Sold
Durin boy SIB ny 24 – black golden spotted Stay

You can find first pictures on our facebook page. For more pictures click on the name of each kitten.

Dwalin (left) and Durin (right) 4 weeks old

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