Litter Č – NEW

We have kittens

Litter Č (read as ch in the word chocolate)



IC Paddy Phantom Cats                                        Scatters Flora

Colour of sire: red silver blotched with white – ds 09 22

Colour of dam: black golden spotted – ny 24


Both parents tested for infectious disease FIV and FeLV with negative results.

Both parents tested with sono for HCM and PKD with negative results.

Complete inbreeding index 0.887%, Ancestral loss coeficient (5 generations) 0.97

All kittens carry golden (sunshine) after their mother and classic tabby after their father.



Name Sex Colour Status
? boy SIB n (y) 24 – black spotted
? girl SIB f (y) 09 24 – black tortie spotted with white
? boy SIB ns (y) 23 – black silver? mackerel Interest
? boy SIB n (y) 24 – black spotted
? girl SIB fs (y) 09 24 – black silver? tortie spotted with white Interest

Few pictures from the first week (link to our facebook). For more pictures click to link of each kitten


How our kitten grow: