We do not have any kittens available now, but we have plans for this year. If you are interested about our kittens and our breeding in the future, you can contact us.

Our conditions:

  • All kittens can leave to new homes earliest after 14th weeks of age.
  • All kittens will get FIFé (SCHK) confirmed pedigree.
  • Parents of kittens are regularly tested for hereditary and infectious diseases.
  • All kittens will be chipped before departure and chip will be registered (including registration at international database Petmaxx).
  • Kittens will be dewormed, vaccinated (vaccination+revaccination) and coprology test will be done before leaving to their new home.
  • Kittens sold as pet will be neutered before leaving to their new home.
  • All kittens are sold upon written Sells Contract.
  • Every kitten will get some small gift package for the way to the new home (including some food samples, favourite toy,…).
  • We like to be in touch with owners of our kittens, we also offer our help and advice about cat care and breeding.
  • We prefere your visit at our home (or at least Skype call) before kitten reservation.