Neva Masquerade

Color: Seal tabby point

NEM n 21

We brought Brun from Brno from our friend Michal. Michal wanted to establish a cattery but he did not inform his cat Belinda about his plans. Belinda decided to arrange everything as her own business and Michal got from her a bunch of kittens as a surprise. When kittens grew up and left for new homes, Michal decided that this experience was enough for him. Belinda as well as her lover were both neutered and they are all happily living together.

Brun was neutered after first heat and she had never any kittens. She is quite a big lady, over 5 kilos in weight. Brun takes exercises every evening, when they hunt each other with Flora. Most of a day Brun is sleepy lazy lady. She is a trickster when visitors come to our home and she always send a spy (Flora or Kosticka before) in advance for evaluation of situation and for verification, if it is worth to meet with visitors.

We have one special family story about origin of Brun (Brunnhilda) name. When Brun was still a small kitten, staying with her mum, but we already knew that at three month of age she would stay with us, we heavily though about her name. We wanted to give her some name from fairytale, something gentle. Final decision was „Nastenka“ (It is a name of a pretty, gentle and very beautiful girl from Russian fairytale Father Frost). We started to call the kitty Nastenka from the very first moment we met with each other. We continued to call her Nastenka, when she moved in to our home. But she always ignored the name. Than one our friend told us that Nastenka was not a proper name and that he did not like it and he suggested Snezenka (Snowflower). – But kitten did not like name Snezenka neither and did not listen to it. After a month I was observing our cats, while I mentioned, that our tomcat Kosticka had a very special tone, when he spoke with the kitten and that sound I never heard from him before. The call sounded like „Brun, Brun, Brun!“ And in that moment I got it. Our cats invented the name by themselves, none our suggestions should be accepted. So we have Brunnhilda at home and it is true that now, when she grows up, the name is much more appropriate for her.

Health examinations:

FIV – both parents tested with negative results

FeLV – both parents tested with negative results

Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Bordetella bronchiseptica – tested with negative results (real-time PCR – September 2017)

Streptococcus canis – tested with negative results (February 2018)

Parasitological fecal test including antigen test for Giardia intestinalis – tested with negative results (September 2022)

HCM – sono negative (November 2017)