SE*Scatters Flora


Siberian cat

Color: black golden spotted

genotype of colors: Aa BB CC DD ii ss

SIB ny 24


We brought Flora from Sweden, from a small cattery SE*Scatters located in Stockholm. Flora is very friendly and very active cat, she loves people. She is the main guardian of our home and she likes to assist us anytime with whatsoever activity. She loves to play, sometimes she brings us toys, she pushes toys on us from her climbing platforms and she often entertains us with her unbelievable artistic tricks. My husband teached her, how to become a proper witch cat, so shoulders or backs of beloved people are her favorite resting places, where she often stays and purrs. We gave her nickname „Turbo“, when she was kitty. After visit of our first cat show I thought it would be good to rename her to Lagertha, because she has so much in common with that proud and brave Viking queen. She is a lot talkative and she likes to give comments about our activities. We would like to thank warmly to Per for this lovely golden sweetheart.

Flora 3 and 6 months old

When Flora was approximately one year and half old, we attended one two-day show. It was our premier – for Flora as well as for me. Flora was evaluated with one CAC certificate, but for future I promised her, that she does not need to attend more shows. She is really relaxed during traveling and visits at the vets, she takes as meeting friends. At the show she enjoyed mostly the vet control at the beginning, but deeper in the show hall, she was quite nervous mostly because of presence of other cats. So cat shows are not so much our cup of tea. However when I wanted to start with cat breeding, improvement of health and cat welfare was my primary motivation and that is my primary motivation even now.

Flora was neutered in October 2021.

Flora at the Show in Top Hotel Prague, 18.12.2016

Health examinations:

FIV – tested with negative result (March 2019)

FeLV – tested with negative result (March 2019)

Chlamydiophylla – vaccinated

Streptococcus canis – tested with negative result (April 2019)

Giardia – tested with negative results (September 2022)

PKD – she does not carry mutation PKD1, sono negative (November 2017, January 2019)

HCM – sono negative, details on Pawpeds

PK-deficiency – she does not carry mutation PKdef

Blood group – A (antigen examination), genetic test A/A (myCatDNA)

Average genetic diversity – 37,5%